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Review Quotes

“This is solidly mature prog rock of the greatest sort, ideas leaking through every part” – Justin Hulford (Tumblr)

Even if you turn to the 70s bands […] “Innerverse” sounds by no means dusty, but downright fresh with many great ideas. A high quality work!!” – Kerbinator (Rock Castle Franken)

“After the original feeling of a certain reserve, I fell in love with this album and now I return to it very oftenArtur Chachlowski (Mały Leksykon Wielkich Zespołów)

iNNERVERSE (2018) is the most recent album. Existential loneliness is the main theme as it is expressed in five totally different songs. In the epic almost 20 minutes taking Dreamcatcher, you are taken to the different area’s of subconsciousness which all of them will be expressed musically. Five tracks each with their individual quality, but also with a collective Unkh sound!



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Traveller (2014) is the debut album. The music is a mash-up of indie rock and the classic symphonic rock of the seventies.


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